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The I & C Nikolopoulos company is founded in 1994. With over 40 residence buildings, our company has wan recognition within the area of its activity as a reliable company which realizes qualitative projects, always respecting its clients and of course its collaborators and suppliers.



Building from the begining

Our company, apart from constructing new buildings from scratch, is also active in renovating and restoring existing buildings, such as flats and apartments, countryside houses, stores etc.


The renovation process might be total, especially in the very old houses which need to be functional again, or partial when special acts have to be carried out or dealing with specific problems.


The upgrading of an old house is often more challenging procedure than building a new one from the begining, as chronic problems of the house have to be solved. On the other hand, modern techiques and solutions have to be implemented, something tricky for a house 30-40 years old. And of course in building, what is needed is to match new techniques with old infrastracture.


The necessity of brand new residence buildings is not under question. Yet, the upgrading and renovation of old flats and buildings is entaggled with leveraging an existing property, hence with economy, saving money and wise source management.


It is possible for the owner of an old appartement with a limited budget to upgrade his well known and familiar place (actualizing even his own ideas) without being obliged to conform in the general solutions that are followed in a ready to use, more expensive flat in a new building.


I & C Nikolopoulos company deals with every technical issue than might be met in a residence. Our aid can be given either in a single, specific problem or a number of problems. We also propose a set of actions required to render an old fashioned, outdated, detached house or flat, into a modern and functional living place. Special makings out of wood, metal or other materials are also an interesting challenge for us.


The talks and conversation with building owners end up with a written agreement in which all necessary and required technical tasks are quoted with clarity and plenitude.

An exact written schedule of the works as well as the date of the completion of the works, are also defined.


Constructing new residence buildings has been our main activity until today. We regard our work not merely as making a living, but also as a field for creativity, that’s why we put all our skill and knowledge to construct buildings that we would also like to live in.

During the design and the construction we often put ourselves in the customer’s place trying to conceive his needs and requirements for a product as special as the flat. And it is indeed a special product since it is expensive, hence should be adapted in the needs and particularity of the family who is going to spend, maybe, decades living into it.

Special attention is paid in the design of our buildings, in the excessive use of green spaces (creation of rich gardens, constructed flower stands) and of course in the adequate thermal insulation of all surfaces exposed in the weather conditions.

In our buildings we apply very strictly the state regulation against earthquake and we control from very close all the stages of construction, the associated materials and procedures. Samples of the concrete are also taken and tested in authorized laboratories with regard to their strength and proper composition.

Unfortunately, Greek cities, especially Athens, lack green spaces and look very densely populated. Means that our effort to construct aesthetically advanced buildings using eco materials and technology must be intensive and parallel to the effort of providing adequate green spaces with trees, bushes and flowers.